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My world literature editorial is about climate change and how to prevent it. Sustainable energy and materials play a big part in this worldwide effort. Global Warming: Humanity’s Biggest Threat We as a human race are single handedly destroying our earth. We do this by emitting mass amounts of greenhouse gases by using unsustainable materials … Continue reading Editoral


Chevy Chase is a movie star. He stared in a bunch of christmas movies and stuff. Now he’s kind of a drunk. He rents out these apartments on his estate and my uncle lives in one. There’s horses and chickens and stuff and riding trails in the back. It’s really nice here. Wstchester is just … Continue reading Vlog


Although electricity is a common and basic necessity in our everyday lives, in developing parts of the world, like some areas of northern Africa, electricity is rare and sometimes inaccessible. Solar ovens allow third world countries with limited access to electricity to be able to cook food items. A solar oven is a device that … Continue reading SOLAR COOKERS AND THEIR POSITIVE AFFECT ON THE ENVIRONMENT

A Country’s Independence ( Israeli-Palestinian Conflict)

                      In my opinion, when it comes to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, I believe a two-state solution would be the most productive and useful outcome for these two very different and conflicting cultures. This solution will separate Israeli and Palestinian settlement and  provide a safer environment … Continue reading A Country’s Independence ( Israeli-Palestinian Conflict)

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