My world literature editorial is about climate change and how to prevent it. Sustainable energy and materials play a big part in this worldwide effort.

solar-panel-fieldGlobal Warming: Humanity’s Biggest Threat

We as a human race are single handedly destroying our earth. We do this by emitting mass amounts of greenhouse gases by using unsustainable materials and energy. If we want our earth saved, we need to immediately stop these processes. Many countries have expressed to the global society that they’re able to switch to sustainable methods. In my opinion, it’s not physical goals we must overcome to attain a sustainable global society, but political and mental barriers.

To keep the world modern and tech savvy we need a new way to provide artificial energy with sustainable energy. Many companies over the past few years have been created for the sole purpose of providing sustainable energy. The debatably most common example of this is solar panels. Recently, countries including the UK and France have actually came out and said they are able to become sustainable.  . Sustainable energy will help stop global warming, but the amount of damage we do to our environment by using unsustainable materials in substantial as well.  

We as a human race must stop using unsustainable materials, the waste caused by these can contribute to climate change. Minimal efforts have been devoted to solving this life or death issue. By using a reusable water bottle or eliminating plastic out of our lives, each individual human is able to make a change. If all this can be achieved, we can significantly cut down global warming.

Some may say man made global warming is a myth, including the one and only Donald Trump. Recently, Donald Trump has concentrated his presidential efforts into withdrawing the united states from the Paris treaty, a treaty that ultimately protecting our environment. He has also defended the ECA, an organisation of highly respected scientists figuring out ways to save the earth. If climate deniers including Trump would just look at the scientific facts instead of just being ignorant they would come to realize that it is proven. For the past 10 years, each year has been consecutively the hottest year ever recorded. In 2017, we are experiencing 90 degree swells mid-june. If that’s not proof enough then I don’t know what is. This all means that if we continue using unsustainable materials and energy, we are going to destroy our earth all together.

Maybe at this point you’re asking yourself, why should I care? How does this affect ME? And the unfortunate truth is that this issue is life and death for every human alive on earth. By not switching to sustainable ways, we are ultimately ending the human race. We know that physically, this is attainable. The real barriers are mental, and within that lie political and emotional boundaries. Will you take this seriously and make a change, or just be a bystander like most of the people on the dying earth?


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