My world literature editorial is about climate change and how to prevent it. Sustainable energy and materials play a big part in this worldwide effort.

solar-panel-fieldGlobal Warming: Humanity’s Biggest Threat

We as a human race are single handedly destroying our earth. We do this by emitting mass amounts of greenhouse gases by using unsustainable materials and energy. If we want our earth saved, we need to immediately stop these processes. Many countries have expressed to the global society that they’re able to switch to sustainable methods. In my opinion, it’s not physical goals we must overcome to attain a sustainable global society, but political and mental barriers.

To keep the world modern and tech savvy we need a new way to provide artificial energy with sustainable energy. Many companies over the past few years have been created for the sole purpose of providing sustainable energy. The debatably most common example of this is solar panels. Recently, countries including the UK and France have actually came out and said they are able to become sustainable.  . Sustainable energy will help stop global warming, but the amount of damage we do to our environment by using unsustainable materials in substantial as well.  

We as a human race must stop using unsustainable materials, the waste caused by these can contribute to climate change. Minimal efforts have been devoted to solving this life or death issue. By using a reusable water bottle or eliminating plastic out of our lives, each individual human is able to make a change. If all this can be achieved, we can significantly cut down global warming.

Some may say man made global warming is a myth, including the one and only Donald Trump. Recently, Donald Trump has concentrated his presidential efforts into withdrawing the united states from the Paris treaty, a treaty that ultimately protecting our environment. He has also defended the ECA, an organisation of highly respected scientists figuring out ways to save the earth. If climate deniers including Trump would just look at the scientific facts instead of just being ignorant they would come to realize that it is proven. For the past 10 years, each year has been consecutively the hottest year ever recorded. In 2017, we are experiencing 90 degree swells mid-june. If that’s not proof enough then I don’t know what is. This all means that if we continue using unsustainable materials and energy, we are going to destroy our earth all together.

Maybe at this point you’re asking yourself, why should I care? How does this affect ME? And the unfortunate truth is that this issue is life and death for every human alive on earth. By not switching to sustainable ways, we are ultimately ending the human race. We know that physically, this is attainable. The real barriers are mental, and within that lie political and emotional boundaries. Will you take this seriously and make a change, or just be a bystander like most of the people on the dying earth?



Chevy Chase is a movie star. He stared in a bunch of christmas movies and stuff. Now he’s kind of a drunk. He rents out these apartments on his estate and my uncle lives in one. There’s horses and chickens and stuff and riding trails in the back. It’s really nice here. Wstchester is just so rich so it’s fun to ride the horses around and look at the nice house. Hope you guys enjoy this find. Even though I got kicked out of heifer because I’m a male i got to coke here and be with the wildlife and i didn’t have to pay!!  here’s the link to the vlog


Although electricity is a common and basic necessity in our everyday lives, in developing parts of the world, like some areas of northern Africa, electricity is rare and sometimes inaccessible. Solar ovens allow third world countries with limited access to electricity to be able to cook food items. A solar oven is a device that uses direct heat as a source of energy. Solar cookers are a great alternative to wood burning fires for a multitude of different reasons.  One reason is that a solar cooker creates no pollution while a wood burning fire emits toxins and smoke into the atmosphere creating pollution which leads to global warming. Another important reason why a solar cooker is better for the environment is because it is a renewable energy source. Woodburning fires are not renewable and because of this deforestation happens and this causes destruction of animal habitats which is horrible for the environment because it offsets in the food chain.

The problem we are attempting to solve in this lab is; will adding heat strengthening materials to a solar cooker positively effect its heating ability? The independent variable in this lab is the design of the solar cooker. The dependent variable is the temperature of the cooker. The control variable is the solar cooker with no added materials (Coach’s Q’s design).In this lab, I hypothesize that if black paper, aluminum foil, and plastic wrap are added to the solar cooker then it will heat up faster because the black paper will attract heat while the aluminum foil reflects the heat into the cooker and the plastic wrap traps the heat inside.

Video of a solar cooker:

Here is an example of a solar cooker lab procedure that I did:

  1. Gather materials
  2. Cut out solar house template along black lines
  3. Stack black paper and aluminum foil and put template over them
  4. Trace template onto black paper/ aluminum foil
  5. Cut along line
  6. Tape back paper to one side of the template and aluminum to the other
  7. Fold inwards along dotted lines
  8. Cut out rectangle of plastic wrap (enough to cover opening) and tape to solar cooker
  9. Tape sides together and insert thermometer
  10. Place solar cooker under heat lamp
  11. Place model with no added materials under heat lamp
  12. Every 3 minutes record temperature of each model and compare results
  13. Collect data and record in table


A Country’s Independence ( Israeli-Palestinian Conflict)


                      In my opinion, when it comes to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, I believe a two-state solution would be the most productive and useful outcome for these two very different and conflicting cultures. This solution will separate Israeli and Palestinian settlement and  provide a safer environment for all. It will keep both sides happy, each having their own country and being able to be independent will hopefully dilute the hate between the two. Sources show that each country is 50/50 split on whether to separate or unite the two countries. Hopefully after reading this essay you’ll at least consider the two-state solution as the better option. In the following paragraphs are the positives of the two-state solution as well as arguments against it which will most likely diversify your view on the topic.

                        The two-state solution support zionism, or the belief for jews to have a national state. According to Yeheil Hilik Bar “There is simply no option beyond the two-state solution that will preserve the zionist dream.” which shows that many jews want for there to be a jewish state, which is was Israel would become if the two-state solution was put into effect. If muslims and jews were forced to live with each other huge fights could break out. A very well known possibility is that if this region becomes one country, as civil war will break out and ultimately put the two back where they started. That is why the two-state solution is more productive, it will allow for each country to grow without causing conflict between cultures, religions, etc. In the long run, these societies must be separated because their beliefs contradict each others and can cause chaos.

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, the cultures and religions of the Israeli and Palestine conflict each other more than anything else in the issue. With Israel being majority jewish and Palestine being majority Islamic, anti-semitism occurs regularly as well as outbreaks and hate crimes towards people who believe in the Islamic faith. These conflicts go back for years, like 100’s of years when Muslims and Jews were battling for Jerusalem. Deep rooted conflict between one faith and another can be brutal because it is so close to the heart. As for conflicting cultures, it is a given that these regions would differ from each other because the citizens of each of these regions came from different parts of the world create unique and different perspectives on life. In my opinion, mental Barriers are harder to break than physical ones.

                          A common argument made against the two-state solution is that electrical grids as well as housing developments and other things of that nature are shared by Palestine and Israel and would have to be divided to make each country separate. The main problem is how much this will cost. But, looking past that because I believe it is irrelevant, I wanna say that mental borders are much harder to knock down than physical ones. What I mean by this is that an electrical grid can be split much easier then making a Palestinian try to understand and accept the cultures and religion of Israelis and vice-versa. When I say mental barriers, I mean barriers in one’s mind. It is set in stone in most Israeli/ Palestinian people from an early age that the opposing side is terrible and these ideas are enforced by practicing conflicting faiths and having very different cultures. The bottom line is these two sides are enemies and will not be able to work together to create a better community for all living within their borders.

                          As we are nearing the end of this essay, I hope you will consider the two-state solution as the better and safer option for Israel and Palestine. Each side will be able to be independent and separate. It will prevent fighting between the two very conflicting religions and cultures which will create a more peaceful environment for both sides. Both of the nations with grow and prosper separated due to there being less conflict to have to deal with. Hopefully your mind is changed or at least you see how the two-state solution could benefit the nation.

Buttata’s Travels


Ibn Battuta

these journals and was planning on going to Anatolia, I would be thrilled to go. He treats this place as if God has blessed it with the riches it produces. I believe that Battuta’s experience her was desirable which leads me to think that it a wonderful place to live.


My Takeaway

Overall, I believe that this man and his travels had a lot in common. What I am trying to say is that Battuta was a very strong man. He traveled places with barely any modern civilisation to the most lively and developed cities in the Middle East. He experienced prayer rituals by an open fire in Iraq and Persia where he also eat from the natural resources that were provided. He watched the villagers tear the heads off of snakes with their teeth. He also experienced the diverse and lively city of Cairo where everywhere he looked he saw a different kind of person. I believe that Battuta was a open-minded, well-rounded man with about as many different cultures in his life as one could have. Ibn Battuta was born in Tangier in 1304. His family had a background of service as judges. After he received his degree in Islamic law, he decided to travel. He left his homeland at 20 to make the annual pilgrimage to Mecca, commonly known as hajj. He then traveled over 70,000 miles over 44 modern day countries in nearly three decades. Known as a traveler and explorer, Battuta is most famous for the journals he kept while exploring these dangerous and unmodernised lands. These travels extended from present-day North and West Africa to Pakistan, India, the Maldives, Sri Lanka, Southeast Asia and China.


Cairo 1326

According to Ibn Battuta, life in Cairo was radiant and exciting. He described how all types of people lived here, young and old, muslim and christian. To quote Battuta he says “ There you find them all, the great scholars and the ignorant, men of stature, and frivolous men, the gentle and those short tempered, those with great fame, and those totally ignored”. To me he is saying that this city is a mixing pot of livelihood and diversity. He also describes how the city is so crowded that the movement of the people reminded him of waves of an ocean. His recordings of Cairo almost remind me of modern day NYC. It is easily one of the most diverse cities in the world with all different races, religions, and languages. From what I can take from Battuta’s writing, he adored the city and it’s diversity.


Iraq and Persia 1326-1327

Through Ibn Battuta’s eyes, Iraq and Persia were much less developed than Cairo. He states that some of the villagers took snakes and bit their heads clean off. Though, he does not seem very disgusted about it. He describes the night rituale with prayer and the playing of large drums. He says many of the villagers danced around the fire. To live here, it may be a bit of a struggle to get used to a more uncivilised culture. But, overall I think that Battuta appreciated the traditions of prayer here. All in all, a dirty but special place to live.


Anatolia 1330

Ibn Battuta describes Anatolia as one of the finest places in the world to live. He says that God has brought many of the riches to this one place that and thoroughly dispersed throughout other lands. He states that despite this land being conquered by the muslims, the christian population was still prominent. They traveled on the sea for 10 days and the christians did not collect any passage money. He describes them as respectable as well as respectful.

Muslim Ban Narrative

SUBTITLE: The families affected felt it the worst. Not my president and hopefully not yours either


The sail ripped as hundreds of gallons of ice-cold arctic seawater knocked against the shipping, tipping it so far it nearly capsized. The captain screamed for all the crew to start bucketing out the water immediately, explaining that if they didn’t, the ship would sink. I started to panic at the sight of the task ahead of me. As the mist from the sea hit my face, it sent shivers down my spine, signaling my torso, chest, legs, and arms that the water was unbearably cold. It hit me that if i didn’t do my job quickly and efficiently, we would all die. Without thinking or letting the fear overtake my brain, I sprinted to the main mast and grabbed the splintering wooden ladder. One foot after the other I scaled the ladder, possibly the fastest I ever had, the thought of drowning pushing me higher and higher. Once I reached the loft I gripped the rope and tied it around my waist. I threw up the other end and it spun around the other side of the horizontal mast, thrusting back at me, forcefully enough for me to grasp it. I hesitantly stepped off the loft, hoping that I could keep myself up by pulling on the other end of the rope. I slowly lowered myself down to the rip in the sail as a gust of wind hit me by surprise the rope slipped out of my hand and..” HELPPPP!!!!!”

That marks 7. 7 nights in  row with the same terrorizing dream. 7 almost endlessly seeming nights. 7 sleepless, restless, nights. How much longer could I bare it I wondered, the thought of crashing onto the deck of the boat, and my lifeless, limp body being thrown into the depths of the sea lingering in the back of my mind. Was this happening because I talked back to Ms. Rouse in science, or maybe it’s because I said kimmy’s friend looked ugly in that instagram pic. As my mind worked productively to solve this scenario, I laid down on my bed with the fresh linen sheets tucked up to my neck, so just my head was popping out. A light bulb went off in my head and I felt my eyes widen as I solved this mystery. I was having this dream because my cousin and her family, left us in New York, when they moved back to Syria. I played out every possible reason why they would move back now, with all the danger of the civil war, and our new president, Donald Trump.

When we all moved up from North Carolina to New York City, Shayar, my cousin, had really helped me make new friends and get used to living in a whole different state. It was a little easier for us because we were the only ones in our families actually born in the U.S. Both of our parents, as well as our elder siblings, had immigrated over from Syria when both my father and my uncle landed a job in North Carolina for some big company. A few years later, I my cousin and I were born, only 2 weeks apart, I’m older. Then, when they got promoted, we all move to the big apple. At the time, I was only 10, it hit me pretty hard having to leave my beloved friends behind as well as everything I had grown familiar with.

They had been gone for 3 months now, and I had past denial and gone straight to depression. I think my parents saw this in me as well. With my birthday coming up, I wasn’t even excited nor did I ask for any gifts, this seemed to alarm them. I didn’t feel bad for making them worry, in a way this was how I was getting them back for letting Shayar and her family leave so suddenly.

Once my birthday finally arrived, I was woken up, and through my squinting eyes as I got adjusted to the light, I could see my parents and my older brothers and sister, Ali, Mohammad, and Kamar holding a cake and singing happy birthday to me in Arabic… “eid milad saeid lak eid milad saeid lak…” And shortly after they finished, they repeated it in english, as they did every year for the past 15 years. “Time for gifts!” Omi said with pure joy in her voice. My father handed the gift my sister who then handed t to me. It was a small yellow envelope wax sealed with an airline’s logo melted into it. I quickly ripped it open and inside was a plane ticket to Syria. I was going in two weeks to visit my family!!!!! And my whole family was coming to. I don’t know how mom and dad got off work, but I was to excited to put any thought into it. I sprung out of bed and threw one arm around each of them, “Thank you guys so much, this is the best present ever!” I exclaimed with more enthusiasm than I have emitted in the past 3 months combined.

The following days in school I could barely keep myself together. I waited day after day, impatiently for the trip to arrive. At this point every body in my grade knew I would be traveling.

It was here, the day to finally leave. We boarded the plane, row 26 seat e. Omi had told me that the flight would be almost 12 hours. I brought 2 books, my sketchbook, journal, and some school work, I really wanted to keep myself occupied, I ended up sleeping through most of the flight anyway.

When we arrived at the damascus airport, we were greeted by Shayar and her parents. I ran up to her and wrapped my arms around her, nearly suffocating her. Now I could explain to you all the adventures and amazing experiences we all had, but that is a story by itself.

Shayar and her family dropped us off at the airport. I cried as much as the day they moved back to Syria. As we boarded the plane headed for JFK, I didn’t know whether to feel sad that it was over or happy that it happened, essentially I was just filled with emotions I didn’t know what to do with. This flight seemed longer, the emptiness I felt when Shayar had moved reappearing in my stomach.

The second we got off the plane, men in dark blue jackets with yellow lettering spelling *AIRPORT POLICE ushered the entirety of the plane to the investigation center. We were put into a small square room, all it’s contents were a table and 4 chairs, leaving my father standing. We waited for hours until what looked like a detective came into the room and explained to us there had been a ban.My father was furious.

I closed my eyes, took a deep breathe, and tried to remember all the good things in life as this awful news hit us in the face like a metal baseball bat.

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*to learn more about muslim ban click on hyperlink

Arabic Wedding

Being in CGS, we do a lot of sort of odd projects. I chose to take Arabic, and with that comes History of the Middle East. As one of our most important grades, our class as a whole had to plan a traditional Egyptian wedding. We split into groups. My group chose to do food and venue. Everyone brought in normal American treats but it was all ok. My role in the wedding originally was to be the wife’s father but the groom that got picked didn’t want to be the groom so I stepped in his place. At first I didn’t really like the idea of being the main person in the wedding . Although usually I do like to be the focal point of everything I do and everywhere I am, it was a school oriented type of thing so I didn’t really feel comfortable. As we proceeded with the wedding it started to be more and more fun, at one point my Arabic teacher and a couple other students picked me up and threw me in the air, that part is definitely my favorite. Overall, I had a lot of fun and surprisingly enough all the students that attended were very enthusiastic, we did the same dance over and over they kept following us. Being CGS, there’s sort of an odd reputation we have in Mcmahon but I think that it’s actually false. Lots of students in CGS are “normal”. At the beginning of the year I was very skeptical about taking Arabic because at that point when I told people I was at CGS they always asked if I was either taking Japanese or Chinese which led me to believe that Arabic wasn’t very popular language in the school. Although this is true, I really like being unique and choosing something that other people might not.img_0022

Happy Holiday’s/ Studying For Midterms


Around this time in the year, everybody is in a good mood. People walk around snowed covered streets huddled with their friends bundled up in furry coats. They’re drinking their caramel macchiato hot whip double espresso shot ugg boot latte in the festive red Starbucks cup that just screams Christmas (festive red cup line stolen from holiday concert monologue). I personally love Christmas time because of how festive it is. With all the light and decorations, the world honestly just seems happier. Christmas traditions are the best. Cutting down a tree and putting on the ornaments by the fire. Makes me feel warm inside just imagining it.

Sick and tired of studying

Alright, now let’s cut the bull. Christmas used to be exciting.When I believed in santa I would wake up at like 5:30 and race down my carpeted stairs to find the presents under the tree. Now for a reality check. Now that we are in high school, a lot of our time is taken up by homework and projects (not me I don’t do work you woulda thought). And now, instead of spending time with friends and family, we are stressing for midterms and trying to study but failing miserably because every 5 second we open snap. What I am trying to say is that I’m really stressed because I haven’t done a bunch of work for like all my classes. And it’s my fault. Sometimes I really can’t get my priorities straight. I think this month alone I have spent more hours at the gym then the entire school year on homework which says something because we all know I barely workout.

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What do I want to do when I’m Older?

As teens we are asked pretty oftenly what we want to do for a job. When I was younger, my answers used to be astronaut and rockstar. Then they changed to detective for the nypd svu unit (because you know I be watching law and order). For a while I wanted to be an actor and I still have that in mind.

Now, my answer is I honestly have no idea. I have some ideas of where I want to go to college but I’m for sure gonna change that. Instead of knowing what we want to do now, we need to learn and grow. We need to make mistakes and and if we do this, the next time we are asked what we want to do, we won’t have to guess, we’ll know.

I for one need time to figure out what I am going to do. I have been thinking for a while about taking a gap year. I’m either going to apply to UCLA to major in film or be sensible handpick a more stable major. Maybe sensible is not always the best. The media and social norms shape our view on everything. This is our life and we choose what we want to do. When you are ready, you will know what you want to do. Don’t stress about other people that think they know exactly what job they want. You’ll get there. I hope because I have no Idea where my life is going. Tbh I might become on of those can people that walk around collecting the cans. Seems great. Until next time I think I need to come up with a name for my fans because I have so many. Drop a like and a comment telling me your ideas for your fan names. Fill out the poll below telling me if you agree that us highschoolers need time to figure out what we want.



A Trip to Mars

A while back I saw the movie The Martian in theaters. The movie was about a group of astronauts that go to Mars and when one is left behind, he is able to survive. I was very curious about life outside of earth and surviving without the Earth’s natural resources. I went home and did some research on this. I searched NASA’s website to see if this could possibly be happening in the near future. I didn’t find anything. what I did find was another website. It was called MISSION MARS 1.

I read through it and it said that there main goal was to establish a human settlement on Mars. In 2013, the first two rounds of astronaut selection began. Today they are completed and the 3rd and 4th rounds are in process. As for the technology, they are still in Phase A. Phase A is the early mission concept phase. In terms of funding, since 2011 the Mission to Mars than has raised over 1 million dollars.

In 2017 the Mission to Mars team plans to be training the astronauts for the mission. In 2020 a demo mission will be launched. A satellite will also be realized into Mars’s orbit. In 2022 a rover as well as a trailer will be sent to Mars. 2 years later in 2024, six cargo missions will be launched. These will encase two living units, two life support units, a second rover, and a supply unit. By 2026 crew one will launch. A  year later in 2027 they will land on Mars. Once they are landed they are picked up by a rover and brought to the living units. They enter through an air lock compartment. In 2028, crew 2 will launch. They will land in 2029 and join crew one.

This type of stuff really fascinates me because wether we like it or not, we are killing and over-crowding our earth. The population is rising exponentially and it’s not long before there just isn’t any more room. I hope you guys enjoyed this blog. If you want to look more into it I suggest going to this website: http://www.mars-one.com/about-mars-one. Also, the movie I mentioned earlier, The Martian is amazing and accurate. I would check that out to. Peace.