What do I want to do when I’m Older?

As teens we are asked pretty oftenly what we want to do for a job. When I was younger, my answers used to be astronaut and rockstar. Then they changed to detective for the nypd svu unit (because you know I be watching law and order). For a while I wanted to be an actor and I still have that in mind.

Now, my answer is I honestly have no idea. I have some ideas of where I want to go to college but I’m for sure gonna change that. Instead of knowing what we want to do now, we need to learn and grow. We need to make mistakes and and if we do this, the next time we are asked what we want to do, we won’t have to guess, we’ll know.

I for one need time to figure out what I am going to do. I have been thinking for a while about taking a gap year. I’m either going to apply to UCLA to major in film or be sensible handpick a more stable major. Maybe sensible is not always the best. The media and social norms shape our view on everything. This is our life and we choose what we want to do. When you are ready, you will know what you want to do. Don’t stress about other people that think they know exactly what job they want. You’ll get there. I hope because I have no Idea where my life is going. Tbh I might become on of those can people that walk around collecting the cans. Seems great. Until next time I think I need to come up with a name for my fans because I have so many. Drop a like and a comment telling me your ideas for your fan names. Fill out the poll below telling me if you agree that us highschoolers need time to figure out what we want.