A Country’s Independence ( Israeli-Palestinian Conflict)


                      In my opinion, when it comes to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, I believe a two-state solution would be the most productive and useful outcome for these two very different and conflicting cultures. This solution will separate Israeli and Palestinian settlement and  provide a safer environment for all. It will keep both sides happy, each having their own country and being able to be independent will hopefully dilute the hate between the two. Sources show that each country is 50/50 split on whether to separate or unite the two countries. Hopefully after reading this essay you’ll at least consider the two-state solution as the better option. In the following paragraphs are the positives of the two-state solution as well as arguments against it which will most likely diversify your view on the topic.

                        The two-state solution support zionism, or the belief for jews to have a national state. According to Yeheil Hilik Bar “There is simply no option beyond the two-state solution that will preserve the zionist dream.” which shows that many jews want for there to be a jewish state, which is was Israel would become if the two-state solution was put into effect. If muslims and jews were forced to live with each other huge fights could break out. A very well known possibility is that if this region becomes one country, as civil war will break out and ultimately put the two back where they started. That is why the two-state solution is more productive, it will allow for each country to grow without causing conflict between cultures, religions, etc. In the long run, these societies must be separated because their beliefs contradict each others and can cause chaos.

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, the cultures and religions of the Israeli and Palestine conflict each other more than anything else in the issue. With Israel being majority jewish and Palestine being majority Islamic, anti-semitism occurs regularly as well as outbreaks and hate crimes towards people who believe in the Islamic faith. These conflicts go back for years, like 100’s of years when Muslims and Jews were battling for Jerusalem. Deep rooted conflict between one faith and another can be brutal because it is so close to the heart. As for conflicting cultures, it is a given that these regions would differ from each other because the citizens of each of these regions came from different parts of the world create unique and different perspectives on life. In my opinion, mental Barriers are harder to break than physical ones.

                          A common argument made against the two-state solution is that electrical grids as well as housing developments and other things of that nature are shared by Palestine and Israel and would have to be divided to make each country separate. The main problem is how much this will cost. But, looking past that because I believe it is irrelevant, I wanna say that mental borders are much harder to knock down than physical ones. What I mean by this is that an electrical grid can be split much easier then making a Palestinian try to understand and accept the cultures and religion of Israelis and vice-versa. When I say mental barriers, I mean barriers in one’s mind. It is set in stone in most Israeli/ Palestinian people from an early age that the opposing side is terrible and these ideas are enforced by practicing conflicting faiths and having very different cultures. The bottom line is these two sides are enemies and will not be able to work together to create a better community for all living within their borders.

                          As we are nearing the end of this essay, I hope you will consider the two-state solution as the better and safer option for Israel and Palestine. Each side will be able to be independent and separate. It will prevent fighting between the two very conflicting religions and cultures which will create a more peaceful environment for both sides. Both of the nations with grow and prosper separated due to there being less conflict to have to deal with. Hopefully your mind is changed or at least you see how the two-state solution could benefit the nation.