Muslim Ban Narrative

SUBTITLE: The families affected felt it the worst. Not my president and hopefully not yours either


The sail ripped as hundreds of gallons of ice-cold arctic seawater knocked against the shipping, tipping it so far it nearly capsized. The captain screamed for all the crew to start bucketing out the water immediately, explaining that if they didn’t, the ship would sink. I started to panic at the sight of the task ahead of me. As the mist from the sea hit my face, it sent shivers down my spine, signaling my torso, chest, legs, and arms that the water was unbearably cold. It hit me that if i didn’t do my job quickly and efficiently, we would all die. Without thinking or letting the fear overtake my brain, I sprinted to the main mast and grabbed the splintering wooden ladder. One foot after the other I scaled the ladder, possibly the fastest I ever had, the thought of drowning pushing me higher and higher. Once I reached the loft I gripped the rope and tied it around my waist. I threw up the other end and it spun around the other side of the horizontal mast, thrusting back at me, forcefully enough for me to grasp it. I hesitantly stepped off the loft, hoping that I could keep myself up by pulling on the other end of the rope. I slowly lowered myself down to the rip in the sail as a gust of wind hit me by surprise the rope slipped out of my hand and..” HELPPPP!!!!!”

That marks 7. 7 nights in  row with the same terrorizing dream. 7 almost endlessly seeming nights. 7 sleepless, restless, nights. How much longer could I bare it I wondered, the thought of crashing onto the deck of the boat, and my lifeless, limp body being thrown into the depths of the sea lingering in the back of my mind. Was this happening because I talked back to Ms. Rouse in science, or maybe it’s because I said kimmy’s friend looked ugly in that instagram pic. As my mind worked productively to solve this scenario, I laid down on my bed with the fresh linen sheets tucked up to my neck, so just my head was popping out. A light bulb went off in my head and I felt my eyes widen as I solved this mystery. I was having this dream because my cousin and her family, left us in New York, when they moved back to Syria. I played out every possible reason why they would move back now, with all the danger of the civil war, and our new president, Donald Trump.

When we all moved up from North Carolina to New York City, Shayar, my cousin, had really helped me make new friends and get used to living in a whole different state. It was a little easier for us because we were the only ones in our families actually born in the U.S. Both of our parents, as well as our elder siblings, had immigrated over from Syria when both my father and my uncle landed a job in North Carolina for some big company. A few years later, I my cousin and I were born, only 2 weeks apart, I’m older. Then, when they got promoted, we all move to the big apple. At the time, I was only 10, it hit me pretty hard having to leave my beloved friends behind as well as everything I had grown familiar with.

They had been gone for 3 months now, and I had past denial and gone straight to depression. I think my parents saw this in me as well. With my birthday coming up, I wasn’t even excited nor did I ask for any gifts, this seemed to alarm them. I didn’t feel bad for making them worry, in a way this was how I was getting them back for letting Shayar and her family leave so suddenly.

Once my birthday finally arrived, I was woken up, and through my squinting eyes as I got adjusted to the light, I could see my parents and my older brothers and sister, Ali, Mohammad, and Kamar holding a cake and singing happy birthday to me in Arabic… “eid milad saeid lak eid milad saeid lak…” And shortly after they finished, they repeated it in english, as they did every year for the past 15 years. “Time for gifts!” Omi said with pure joy in her voice. My father handed the gift my sister who then handed t to me. It was a small yellow envelope wax sealed with an airline’s logo melted into it. I quickly ripped it open and inside was a plane ticket to Syria. I was going in two weeks to visit my family!!!!! And my whole family was coming to. I don’t know how mom and dad got off work, but I was to excited to put any thought into it. I sprung out of bed and threw one arm around each of them, “Thank you guys so much, this is the best present ever!” I exclaimed with more enthusiasm than I have emitted in the past 3 months combined.

The following days in school I could barely keep myself together. I waited day after day, impatiently for the trip to arrive. At this point every body in my grade knew I would be traveling.

It was here, the day to finally leave. We boarded the plane, row 26 seat e. Omi had told me that the flight would be almost 12 hours. I brought 2 books, my sketchbook, journal, and some school work, I really wanted to keep myself occupied, I ended up sleeping through most of the flight anyway.

When we arrived at the damascus airport, we were greeted by Shayar and her parents. I ran up to her and wrapped my arms around her, nearly suffocating her. Now I could explain to you all the adventures and amazing experiences we all had, but that is a story by itself.

Shayar and her family dropped us off at the airport. I cried as much as the day they moved back to Syria. As we boarded the plane headed for JFK, I didn’t know whether to feel sad that it was over or happy that it happened, essentially I was just filled with emotions I didn’t know what to do with. This flight seemed longer, the emptiness I felt when Shayar had moved reappearing in my stomach.

The second we got off the plane, men in dark blue jackets with yellow lettering spelling *AIRPORT POLICE ushered the entirety of the plane to the investigation center. We were put into a small square room, all it’s contents were a table and 4 chairs, leaving my father standing. We waited for hours until what looked like a detective came into the room and explained to us there had been a ban.My father was furious.

I closed my eyes, took a deep breathe, and tried to remember all the good things in life as this awful news hit us in the face like a metal baseball bat.

Sorry I know the pace is very bad but here it is. Drop a comment for fan name suggestion.Top pick atm: COLBINATORs

*to learn more about muslim ban click on hyperlink


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