Arabic Wedding

Being in CGS, we do a lot of sort of odd projects. I chose to take Arabic, and with that comes History of the Middle East. As one of our most important grades, our class as a whole had to plan a traditional Egyptian wedding. We split into groups. My group chose to do food and venue. Everyone brought in normal American treats but it was all ok. My role in the wedding originally was to be the wife’s father but the groom that got picked didn’t want to be the groom so I stepped in his place. At first I didn’t really like the idea of being the main person in the wedding . Although usually I do like to be the focal point of everything I do and everywhere I am, it was a school oriented¬†type of thing so I didn’t really feel comfortable. As we proceeded with the wedding it started to be more and more fun, at one point my Arabic teacher and a couple other students picked me up and threw me in the air, that part is definitely my favorite. Overall, I had a lot of fun and surprisingly enough all the students that attended were very enthusiastic, we did the same dance over and over they kept following us. Being CGS, there’s sort of an odd reputation we have in Mcmahon but I think that it’s actually false. Lots of students in CGS are “normal”. At the beginning of the year I was very skeptical about taking Arabic because at that point when I told people I was at CGS they always asked if I was either taking Japanese or Chinese which led me to believe that Arabic wasn’t very popular language in the school. Although this is true, I really like being unique and choosing something that other people might not.img_0022


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