Happy Holiday’s/ Studying For Midterms


Around this time in the year, everybody is in a good mood. People walk around snowed covered streets huddled with their friends bundled up in furry coats. They’re drinking their caramel macchiato hot whip double espresso shot ugg boot latte in the festive red Starbucks cup that just screams Christmas (festive red cup line stolen from holiday concert monologue). I personally love Christmas time because of how festive it is. With all the light and decorations, the world honestly just seems happier. Christmas traditions are the best. Cutting down a tree and putting on the ornaments by the fire. Makes me feel warm inside just imagining it.

Sick and tired of studying

Alright, now let’s cut the bull. Christmas used to be exciting.When I believed in santa I would wake up at like 5:30 and race down my carpeted stairs to find the presents under the tree. Now for a reality check. Now that we are in high school, a lot of our time is taken up by homework and projects (not me I don’t do work you woulda thought). And now, instead of spending time with friends and family, we are stressing for midterms and trying to study but failing miserably because every 5 second we open snap. What I am trying to say is that I’m really stressed because I haven’t done a bunch of work for like all my classes. And it’s my fault. Sometimes I really can’t get my priorities straight. I think this month alone I have spent more hours at the gym then the entire school year on homework which says something because we all know I barely workout.

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