A Trip to Mars

A while back I saw the movie The Martian in theaters. The movie was about a group of astronauts that go to Mars and when one is left behind, he is able to survive. I was very curious about life outside of earth and surviving without the Earth’s natural resources. I went home and did some research on this. I searched NASA’s website to see if this could possibly be happening in the near future. I didn’t find anything. what I did find was another website. It was called MISSION MARS 1.

I read through it and it said that there main goal was to establish a human settlement on Mars. In 2013, the first two rounds of astronaut selection began. Today they are completed and the 3rd and 4th rounds are in process. As for the technology, they are still in Phase A. Phase A is the early mission concept phase. In terms of funding, since 2011 the Mission to Mars than has raised over 1 million dollars.

In 2017 the Mission to Mars team plans to be training the astronauts for the mission. In 2020 a demo mission will be launched. A satellite will also be realized into Mars’s orbit. In 2022 a rover as well as a trailer will be sent to Mars. 2 years later in 2024, six cargo missions will be launched. These will encase two living units, two life support units, a second rover, and a supply unit. By 2026 crew one will launch. A  year later in 2027 they will land on Mars. Once they are landed they are picked up by a rover and brought to the living units. They enter through an air lock compartment. In 2028, crew 2 will launch. They will land in 2029 and join crew one.

This type of stuff really fascinates me because wether we like it or not, we are killing and over-crowding our earth. The population is rising exponentially and it’s not long before there just isn’t any more room. I hope you guys enjoyed this blog. If you want to look more into it I suggest going to this website: http://www.mars-one.com/about-mars-one. Also, the movie I mentioned earlier, The Martian is amazing and accurate. I would check that out to. Peace.


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