A Shakespearean St’ry

Shakespeare had a fairly long and eventful life. He was born in a small town called Stratford Upon Avon. His parents had a good deal of assets. What they didn’t have was a common religion. his mother was protestant, an unusual and unwanted religion, which if discovered by the towns people would lead to the family being outcast from society. When Shakespeare got older, he admired a traveling theatre group. He then going {(::::::::::::::)*colon**weekly goal reached**peep my shakespearean title*} He traveled to London and performed at many theaters. He married a woman named Helena and had 3 children with her, Hamnet, Susana, and Elizabeth. Hamlet died of a sickness while Shakespeare was away. He regretted that his entire life and started to write dark plays like Romeo and Juliet.

He wrote and starred in lots of plays. He eventually took apart his theatre and brought it across the thames to build a new theatre called the Globe. It burnt down several times.

Im sorry this was so short and rushed and I dint remember about it until 6:45. I am not proud of this but it the best I could do with the time. I take credit for my irresponsibility.


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