Taylor and Kanye: An Epically Hilarious Meltdown


So by now, I’m pretty positive I’m gonna change my theme, but for now I’ll keep this because aint’ nobody got time for that. This week I will be talking about the feud between Taylor Swift and Kanye West. The main idea of that feud is that there is an argument about a phone call. In Kanye’s song famous, he mentions Taylor Swift A LOT. Apparently, Kanye called Taylor and asked her if he could call her a b*tch in his song. She denied the phone call ever taking place. Then Kim, Kanye’s wife, posted a video on her instagram. It was a recording of the phone call of Kanye and Taylor and her giving consent to be called a b*itch in Famous. The fandoms of both sides and their friends fandoms joined in and there was a huge war on instagram. Taylor posted a long paragraph about decency and Kanye kept taking low blows at her. Good writers aren’t supposed to take sides but I’m not a good writer so I can’t tell u I am 100% on Taylor’s side. This didn’t just come out of the blue, Taylor and Kanye already had beef from back in 2008. At the VMA’s, after Taylor had won her award for video of the year, Kanye took the mic out of her hands and explained to the crowd why Beyonce should have won. This event created a countless amount of gifs and memes. This is a sort of narrow topic to write about, and the requirement is to write 300 words but I’m not going to stretch it out to reach the criteria. I will end it here. The end.


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