Drake and Rihanna: A Rapping Romance


Hey guys, if you’re reading this which you probably aren’t, so I  guess I’m writing to no one, I wanna introduce my page. It’s pretty pointless to tell you what this page is all about because I’m most likely gonna change it about 25 times. What I am focusing on is pop culture and the influences it has on the teenage society. First I wanna explain really what pop culture is. Pop culture is basically a network of social norms and ideas introduced by the mass media such as YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and I guess newspapers but who reads those anymore. But, in my opinion, it is also introduced by influential people such as singers, actors, writers, that sort of thing .OK, with that out of the way let’s get onto our real topic.

With the MTV VMA’s still fresh in my mind, I thought it only fitting to dissect one of the biggest surprises of the show (peep the title), Drake and Rihanna. As you may or may not know, Drake let out a big secret while presenting Rihanna with the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award. He stated that he had been in love with Rihanna since he was 22 years old. I really don’t want this to get to sappy but it might so get ready just in case. According to us weekly, Drake and Rihanna are officially dating. Honestly, I could go back and tell you guys how Drake and Rihanna have been dating on and off for about 7 years, but I’m not going to do that even though I just did. Instead I’m going to elaborate a little more on how the night had gone for both of them. Drake was nominated for 5 awards and won 1 for Best Hip Hop Video. Rihanna was nominated for 3 awards and won 1, the most important of the night listed above. Each of them are incredibly successful and have inspired us to shoot for the stars and to dream big. Gonna figure out a sign off sometime in the future but for now, goodbye. PS, sorry there is no indenting it wouldn’t let me. Comment down below with more topic ideas.


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